How to grow your college business with low budget

How to grow your college business with low budget

How to grow your college business with low budget

No matter what you do, whatever business type, wherever the location everybody needs customers and Good business growth. Since we’re a college based blog looking out for each other for best ways to slay better at this university thing,we’re narrowing it down to How to grow your college business with low budget.

For tips know business types and how to startup, read my old post by tapping here.

Here’s a summarized list.

How to grow your college business with low budget
Be consistent and focus on brand growth.

My favorite quote of all time, consistency is key,if you want people to see you, you must keep repeating the same pattern to prove your capability of not disappearing because people don’t like that.Your ability to distance daily distractions and work hard will show and come off as consistency because every normal business looks forward to growth and popularity to build their brand.These are the baby steps.

Learn your business type and marketing strategies from people who have been involved in that type of business .

I’m not necessarily saying run around begging for help, but in a case where you’re not The inventor of your business,it’s good to ask around the corner for how’s it’s been done before so you could do better. It’ll also help you create a good network for you as you can link to note customers etc.

Build your customers by doing occasional discounts and freebies.

This is currently trending so if you’ve got the money it’s nice to drop some occasional discounts that won’t drop your business income drastically or mess with your capital,Cos students love things for free.

Try some low budget based advertisements

I will subsequently be making a post on how to use online ads so stay tuned for that, but for now you could stick to little flyers and small ads, to learn how to advertise on this blog for a low budget send an email to

Don’t be selfishly expensive

Always have a percentage of income rate per good or item up for sale so you don’t sell for triple the purchasing price or manpower, cos when you sell at ridiculous prices you chase away potential customers.

Have a good strategy and foresight .

Simply put is just know where your headed and focus on it. If the business is not looking at being long term or prosperity your foresight will let you know when it’s time to quit.
That’s it for this post, thanks for reading see you around.

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