5 fastest breakfast for students

5 fastest breakfast for students

5 fastest breakfast for students

So you have a 7 a.m. class thats probably going to end in a test and that is just the beginning of your roller coaster day that is going to end by 6pm, so you can’t stay hungry so u have to eat breakfast and you don’t need me to emphasize that breakfast is the most important meal of the day so therefore to make it in time and have some food in your belly for the day I composed this post for you and I honestly hope it helps because “river, horse ,drink” however that saying goes.

Key things to note:

Having a microwave and fridge is essential but it’s ok if you don’t have one they’re substitutes for you also being an expert cook is not a thing here just be able to make healthy digestable food.

5 fastest breakfast for students


First on my list is cereal, if you love cereal then there’s no stress here just take out that 5k and invest in your morning breakfast activity try out new cereal and have varieties so your mouth does not feel the same my personal favourite is kellogg’s fruit and fibre.

5 fastest breakfast for students

variety of cereal

Refrigerating weekend made stew and rice

So if you have a fridge there is no biggie in this,google is your friend so make your stew and eat and be happy nobody to impress but you,microwave your way to a full stomach NByou have to do all this before bathing so when youre bathing its in the microwave and when youre done food is ready

Plan b breakfast 2

If for any sad reason you don’t have a fridge or microwave that’s totally fine because this method will work in cold places and seasons just ensure to heat the stew and rice everyday so it doesn’t waste, aside rice spaghetti macaroni and anything that cooks fast can be a good substitute

Tea and bread

sliced bread

Bread an egg,butter, sardine ,stew ,jam everything that your bread goes with if you’re not a tea person you could get juice instead


Everybody knows how noodles is one of the fastest foods to cook just boil your water n make it to your preference

Basic small chops

Everything …that’s like buns, samosa, doughnut, egg roll Akara etc don’t forget the main thing is too eat food

In conclusion here is a list of almost compusory foodstuff to own for have quick breakfast




Obviously cups and spoon and plate because boys smh

Thanks for reading see you around



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