Big Brother Naija: Leo and Ifu evicted from #BBNaija

Leo ifu

Leo and Ifu are the fourth pair to be evicted from the Big Brother Naija house.


Leo and Ifu are the fourth pair to be evicted from the Big Brother Naija house.


On Sunday, March 11, 2018, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu announced the pair as the fourth set to exit the house. Their eviction comes a week after Ahneeka and Angel were evicted, and two weeks after Bitto and Princess (Pritto) and Vandora and Dee-One (Van-Dee) were evicted.




About Leo


Leo enjoys playing basketball and is a fervent supporter of Premier League football clubs.


He is still pained that his father didn’t live to see him graduate from university. With his good looks, intelligence and secret math skills, Leo believes he can “solve everyone’s problems”.


If he was an animal, the fiercely protective Leo would be a lion “to defend” his family, his mother, three sisters and brother.


What irritates him most in other people: Snoring


What he had promised into the BB House: Intellectual, calmness, ability to relate to everyone well.


What he would have done with the prize money: Invest in business, use it to facilitate some development in Surulele, where he grew up.




About Ifu


Ifu Ennada is a work hard – play hard self-made woman who remembers the feeling of making her first millions. Her hobbies include drinking Mojitos, partying, karaoke and online shopping.


What she promised to bring into the House: Raw, unfiltered honesty, and a lot of fun as she is always the life of the party.


What she would have done with the prize money: Make films, I build a fitness brand, go into hair business, and also charity.


What irritates her most in other people: Bullies and nosey people.




As pairs, Leo and Ifuennada won the Roc Da Mat Challenge. The pair won a VVIP trip to the One Africa Festival in London, five million naira and one year supply of Pepsi.

Leo ifu

Leo and Ifu (Lifu) were up for possible eviction alongside Tobi and Alex (Tolex), Miracle and Anto (Mito), Lolu and Cee – C (Ceelo).


Cedosblog readers had predicted that Leo and Ifu would be evicted.

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