Big Brother Naija: Cee-C gets into a fight with Alex, Teddy A says Bambam doesn’t change his love for real girlfriend [Day 38 recap]

Leo ifu

Cee-C gets into a fight with Alex, Teddy A addresses his relationship with Bambam, Miracle and Nina fight: [Day 38 recap]



Have you been following the new season of Big Brother Naija? Here are some important things you probably missed on day 38.


Check out a recap of day 38, including social media reactions.


Teddy A addresses his relationship with Bambam


During a conversation with Tobi, Cee-C, Leo and Ifu, Teddy A, who has a relationship outside the house, addressed his relationship with Bambam in the house.


According to him, his relationship with Bambam doesn’t affect his love for his girlfriend, who he described as his reality.








Between Miracle and Nina


Miracle accused Nina of always being angry. In her defence, she says she doesn’t get angry over nothing. She also accused Miracle of not apologising when he’s wrong.


Miracle invited Anto to join the conversation as the mediator. Her mediation was more in favour of her strategic partner as she advised Nina to not always be angry.


Nina and Miracle went to bed together, but Nina couldn’t accept that Miracle will sleep without uttering ’I’m sorry’. She kept on pestering him in sleep, but he never gave in.
















Between Tobi and Biggie


When Biggie called Tobi for his diary session, the latter didn’t respond. Few minutes later, he said: “Biggie, Hapumaka,” which means “Biggie, leave me alone” in Igbo language.


However, later, Tobi told his fellow housemates that Biggie didn’t call him for his diary session, suggesting that he probably didn’t hear Biggie call his name.








Alex and Cee-C get into a fight


Alex and Cee-C got into a fight after Alex provoked Cee-C by keeping her legs on her bed, and using her bed sheet to wipe her eye glass.










The treasure hunt


This week is about The Heritage Bank Challenge, which is more about decoding clues. For the task, the housemates were sorted into teams as follows:


Team Blue: Leo, Lolu, Ifu Ennada and Tobi


Team White: Miracle, Teddy A, Nina and Bambam


Team Green: Anto, Rico, Cee-C and Alex


They were then sent on a treasure hunt to find clues that denoted to particular objects of their Team colour.


Team Green was the first team to successfully get their kit box. Within their kit box lay all the tools that the teams needed to set up their strategy corner.


Team blue spent over two hours struggling to complete their treasure hunt.


All of this preparation and challenge will result in a House debate where each Housemate will play a role. The teams are expected to snoop and find out what the other teams are doing.


The essence of all of this is that in the real business world you need to know what your competitors are doing to enable you to up your game.


What was your favourite part of the day?

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