On the 23rd of November 2017, the students of UNIBEN were asked to vacate the school premises as stated in the bulletin below for reasons not stated clearly.

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Information reaching us from our sources stated that a rally was conducted earlier to protest for as written below:

Dear students of the University of Benin, this is to notify you that there will be a peaceful demonstration of students within campus in response to;

  • Increment in Hostel maintenance Fee
  • Increment in school charges for new students
  • None payment of work – study students
  • Increment in transfer fee
  • Increment in price of bread on campus and the poor quality of UNIBEN bread and other services
  • Poor state of the Halls Of residence

Date:- Thursday, 23rd November, 2017.

Time:- 7:00am prompt.

We are all to converge at Hall 2 car park as all students found in classes during these activities will be there at their own detriment.


Student Union Joint Council

Cc: All Faculty President

Cc: All Notice Board
An increment in the school and accommodation fees This rally however affected the convocation ceremony which seems to have disturbed the occasion seriously.

But before today a peaceful protest was carried to show disagreement with the increments and bad condition of living in the hostels..the school on the other hand wanted to ignore this and prevent this from occuring so a bulletin was released on Thursday 6pm  asking the students to vacate school premises.

images from the protest

uniben uniben uniben uniben



Senate at its emergency meeting today, Thursday, 23rd November, 2017 decided that all students at Ugbowo and Ekenwan campuses should vacate the hostels and campus not later than 6.00pm today, Thursday 23rd November, 2017 for security reasons.

It further read that a new resumption date will be announced later.

This however stirred up the anger of many and therefore created another rally which held today disrupting the activities of the convocation.

The students went as far as stopping the convoy of the Chancellor of UNIBEN which is the Emir of Kano Sanusi Lamido from entering the school,he was supposed to commission some new structures also,They blocked his ROYCE lol and also the main entrance to the school he still got in but the area was so disorganized he had to leave the occasion.

As of now,light and water facilities have been put onhold to create some sort of discomfort amongst students and force them to leave..

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students asked to vacate premises

Later in the day it was reported that one of the labs were set on fire and itshowed a sign of vandalism which the school was not prepared to tolerate and were set to retaliatewith the prescence of the benin policeforce .

as of nowmost of the studnts have vacated the school premises due tolack of necessary amenities to stay on the campus.

Here's my personal take on this

Students dont like increase they decide to protest,school forming james bond for Edo children and they decide to show their true colors.I honestly appreciate the effort of the students tho because in my school abu zaria a cleaner has more authority than a student so good work for standing up for yourselves i hope you didnt over stand tho.

Nevertheless, the main reason behind this post is to discuss the implication of the school’s notice and the announcement of a new resumption date.

Implication Of School’s Notice And New Resumption Date

The questions that has been running through the mind of most UNIBEN students is;

Did the school management ask the students to vacate the school because of the convocation?

Or are they angry over the protest staged by the students?

The answer to this questions is not far fetched.

Nonetheless, the school is left with only two options:

  • To ask students to resume this new week
  • For School to resume on the 5th of January, 2017.

Despite the fact that UNIBEN students will not rest until their voices are heard, whats your take on this?


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