One Africa concert which took place in Dubai did not go down well as it was gathered that Ghanaian star, Sarkodie was reportedly attacked by Wizkid and Davido’s crew. The fight was ignited over a supremacy fight between the two Nigerian artiste on who is to perform first at the event.

Sources claim that Wizkid was punched in the face during the fight. Twitter user, @esineymar who shared the story, wrote;

” Information reaching me states that Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie was unable to perform at the just ended One Africa concert which took place in Dubai. According to sources, When Sarkodie was just about hitting the stage, Davido’s guy attacked Black Nana by pushing him to the floor to allow Davido perform. Things turned violent as people received slaps and blows like free Wi-Fi. There has been some police arrests.

The main fight was between two of Nigeria’s very own artistes, Wizkid and Davido.

In the video the both gangs could be heard shouting 'OBO, Starboy'

The Cause of the fight could be traced to nothing other than the 'i better pass am' tag they carry for each other, and their social media everyday clash, Wizkid says Davido has got a Frog Voice, which hurts him, and in return Davido says Wizkid can't make hit badder than him, which is also painful, so fighting dirty is just a way of expressing it.

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cedosblog learnt that the rift was fueled by a quest for dominance between the two high ranking Nigerian performers.

The supremacy battle was regarding the artiste to headline the concert.

Sources allege that during the fall out, Wizkid sustained a punch.

As the Ghanaian act was about performing on stage, Davido’s supporter allegedly attacked Black Nana by shoving him to the floor in a bid give room for Davido perform.

From the push, the issue became violent as people began to exchanging blows and kicks.

The supremacy issue led to a fight at the backstage, where things got messy, making it unable for Sarkodie to perform.

Consequently, the show had to end abruptly because the organizers were given the space till 3:00am.

In the meantime, police have arrested a number of individuals.

See video here:

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