1. On today’s feature of healthy living I will be talking about
    1. Eating angry
    2. Eating late at night
    3. Skipping breakfast
    4. Awarding yourself with sugary items (guity)


Eating angry

Now not only does this make you fat like loads of weight and stomach fat , it makes you feel heavy.

So basically someone says mean stuff to you and you are furious and the best things you can think of is let me go and finish that Amala and I’ll feel better, that only shows that not only are you a food addict you are also a binge eater according to google.

Here’s what to do if you find yourself eating angry :

  • Be clear about what you are angry about and why
  • Is it worth 100lbs weight gain
  • Learn to forgive
  • Channel your anger somewhere else not a person tho something more productive
  • If you must eat drink some tea instead

Eating late at night

Obviously this isn’t a good thing you should do,digestion of course is slower, you are disrupting metabolic rate

When you wake up hungry you mustn’t always eat and here is why;

  • Your body can’t burn the extra calories and it becomes solid fat
  • Making you fatter your body is sort of shut down when you are asleep eating late food isn’t digesting and can cause bloating
  • You become a goat LOL regurgitation can strongly occur
  • Heartburn

What to do;

  • Set a time for yourself so you know after then no more eating
  • Eat earlier so you avoid hunger
  • Sleep early to staying up makes you hungry s

Skipping breakfast

Now as you may know breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it keeps you going ,Skipping this can just make you lack the morning energy to work and leads to u always having a bad day

In order to never skip breakfast

  • Sleep earlier wake up early and prepare Think of the meal the night before
  • At least a cup of tea would do if you must Skip

Awarding yourself with Sugary items

You get a job promotion cake and wine you pass test ..ice cream you ace that exam ..you are buying biscuit thing is as a human being our default mindset is award yourself for good achievement but the problem is your sugar intake is stylishly increasing so in order to stay healthy award your achievements with better things like actual food and healthy things stay healthy and live longer.

Hope you enjoyed today’s feature on healthy living stay tuned for more see you here next week take care Bye..

  • Ejembi Stevie Dogara

    i was agreeing with everything till i saw a post against eating late at night 😓