Hi there, congratulations ,you just got in welcome to the ultimate admission struggle/ university life. Well there are 2 things involved as a Student here either you get called “jambito” or not, most preferably or not cos I’ve got you covered.

Step 1

So you’ve got to be sure that you saw your name on the list , did you even pass jamb Registration ? These are important things to consider because connect no fit save you here. You’ll see the screening date

Step 2

find your faculty, use google maps for god’s sake it’s right there on your phone.

Step 3

once you’ve located your faculty, which shouldn’t be hard , ask around but don’t over show your newbie skills DON’T EVER JOIN A QUEUE WITHOUT ASKING WHAT ITS FOR

Step 4

now at your faculty there’ll be a long screening line but chill your turn will come. Youll be required to have

  • Jamb slip original,
  • O’ level results. 5 credits in both maths and English,
  • birth certificate
  • local government identification letter
  • 1 million passports LOL just exaggerating but a lot of passports
  • Secondary school Testimonial
  • Letter of admission Given to you, just print it out

Step 5

The good thing is that nobody ever fails the screening process a few questions then you’ll show your files but then if youre unlucky they’ll change your course and that’s an entirely different story you go suffer die,beg your life out and get your admission letter .note that the admission letter is the most useful thing in that school ,on it you’ll see a registration number on it begin to memorize it because that’s your identity .

Step 6

Login to your profile via after login you’ll see this


Login Page

Every faculty has an MIS office and ill be making a list.

Faculty Location

Administration# Accounting Department Agriculture #Directly opposite Dean of Agric. Office

Arts #Adjacent Dean of Arts Office Education #Faculty of Education – 1st Floor

Engineering# Last floor [4th floor] Electrical Engineering Dept

Environmental Design# Opposite Dean of Env. Design’ Office

Law #Faculty of Law – Last floor [2nd Floor upstairs]

Medicine #Ground Floor [Last room before Library]

Pharmaceutical Science #1st Office by the Right of Dean of Pharm. Office Science #Biological Science Department Social Science# Pols Science Dept. – 2nd Floor

Veterinary Medicine #Under multipurpose hall

Students are strongly advised to utilize the Digital Centres for their online registrations

Your default password is your state and your username will be your registration num youll be asked to wait for 24hours or so Girls:Go home don’t let the boys make you stay

Step 7

Move to school fees tab and click on it you will see this..

Abu zaria

SChool fees Tab

Click on the session to generate transaction slip.. Go to one of the listed banks preferably around Kaduna state your transaction ID and the banker will do the rest you will get a slip after payment don’t forget to make a photocopy NB you can pay online with Remita

Step 8

After paying log in to your portal,by now you must have made friends except you’re a weird nerd next step is course registeration go to your department and ask someone of your gender fo courses youre meant to pick or better still your hand book youll see an image don’t worry if you pick rubbish you can always change during add n drop.Better Still, Click Here for a detail tutorial on how to do your course registration

Step 9

Acoomodation time!!! Even if you like inside school click you can dash a homeless person or make cool cash.

Same payment process with school fee ,after payment is made, proceed to which ever hall or residence to doyour clearance you will need photocopy of school fees, transaction ID’s all of them a passport

Step 10

Settle and find your timetable and your good to go,

find me and thank me later but NB your struggles havent ended. You have the file submission process which is really tedious pending on your dept.go to your department welfare officer and ask for help.


Additional Registration Requirements for Foreign Students All Foreign Returning and New Students, Diploma, Undergraduate and Post graduate studentsmust satisfy the following registration requirements before they can proceed with their studies in the University:

Possession of the following documents: Admission Letter

International Passport or ECOWAS Travel Certificate

Valid VISA ‐ STR (Subject to Regularization)

Residence Permit Failure to secure such documents will lead to suspension of all academic activities

All Non‐Nigerians must be cleared by the Student Affairs Division before they continue with the Online Registration.


  • 1) Students must ensure copies of payment documents (tellers and receipts from thePortal) are submitted to Faculty Accountants (in case of registration fees) and StudentAffairs Finance Office (in case of Accommodation Fees).
  • 2) All students must also submit copies of Course Registration Forms from the Portal to the Faculty/Department Registration Officer for ratification
  • 3) Hostel Reservation is only available after course registration.
  • 4) Successful hostel allocation printed from the Portal should be taken to the Hall Administrators of the selected hall of residence.
  • 5) Returning Postgraduate students should maintain their Online Identification numbers which is available at ng
  • 6) Detailed Registration Guidelines can be downloaded from the University’s website.
  • 7) Returning students must submit copies ofCourse Registration Forms from the Portal to the Faculty/Department Registration Officer for ratification. Finally approved copiesmust be submitted to the Academic Affairs representative at the Faculties. Successfulhostel allocation printed from the Portal should be taken to the Hall Administrators ofyour selected hall of residence.
  • 8)Fresh students should submit thecompleted MIS FORM 01 to the representative of the Academic Affairs and Dean for signature. The students must also submit copies of theCourse Registration Forms from the Portal to the Faculty/Department RegistrationOfficer for ratification.
  • 9) Students and Registration Officers are reminded that cancellation or deletion by using correcting fluid shall render the registrationform/file jacket invalid. By the end of the process the fresh student shall submit the originalscompleted and signed MIS FORM 01 and Course Registration Forms. The forms are distributed each as follows: ‐ ‐ Dean’s Office ‐ Departmental Office ‐ Representative of the Academic Affairs (Including the completed file jacket to besubmitted to The file jacket submitted must also include photocopies of receipts for payments of fees and also Birth Certificate/Declaration of Age,JAMB Slip, Indigene Certificate, copy of admissionletter‘O’ level Statement of results/Certificates and SBRS Funtua statement of results( SBRSstudents only). The MIS FORM 01 shall form the basis of the student’s personal data in the Academic Affairs,the Dean’s Office, and the Departmental Office.

ADD/DROP REGISTRATION The Add/Drop registration will strictly be available for those who have earlier registered on the Portal appropriately.

The Portal will be opened for Add/ Drop registration two weeks after the registration period.
The student may beallowed to audit lectures for two weeks after which he/she may change his/her mind about certain course/courses.

Hope you enjoyed my tips stay tuned for more.Be a smart Student

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