Y’all know Drake is Bat shit crazy right?  He’s up to some weird stuff again, firstly jlo got a “better guy”,Rihanna is screwing Hassan oh Hassan!!, and he got a Lil wayne tattoo on his arm, fact is this guy is always unto some crazy stuff now hes got this weird machine for some money you’ll never own if you live thrice. 

Drake has bought a machine called the “love machine”. These machines are the product of a company called the “Love Box”.

See pictures below 

The love machine is designed in such a way that it allows a man perform different acrobatic sex styles with multiple women at once.

Drake has allegedly paid $10K for one. Continue to see the what the machine looks like.

This Is According to Mediatakeout

Now i know some of y’all interested 

But sadly its 3,630,000 million Naira for just intercourse 😂😂😂 please just buy lubricant and pay Sheraton girls, Chao 😏🙌Aunty Blogger said nothing!… 

His next mixtape gon be crazy AF Drake tho!