Get in here girls this is specifically for you, so apparently the summer is here and everyone is rocking braids to the fullest but then lets quit conventional the Koboko Style.

There's a new style of braids in town Yass! Β The name is funny for now but it's called"KOBOKO" tho the name isnt appealing but trust me youd love the view, its usually done with any type of wool any color as usual it even has a dreads look to it. Initially people called it faux locs but trust Nigerians na we must give our names everytime.

Look at pictures of me rocking my Koboko braids, im a snap chat addict i know πŸ–€πŸ–€

How to make the Koboko hair style.

Firstly youd need wool, pending onthe length you want but for me i love my braids big and long so i got 14 pcs of brazillian wool.

This hair is strictly for the talented and im also still in the learning process but the hair looks like this normal rubber thread.
You could choose to pick it from the root like normal braids but its preferable to pick it like thread.

Now the twisting partΒ 
Hold 2 parts making sure one is longer than the other pending on the size.

Then throw the longer side over making sure you twist before wrapping it, ensure the hair is held tight and firm.

You'll do that all the way to the end then wrap it maybe with a different color of wool and burn the tips!

I know my tutorial is quite hard but subsequently ill be dropping a video tutorial so please be patient and By the way Koboko wont be that hard for a professional, show her the pictures and i bet you theyd help, Koboko like normal braids can be styled with personal preferences πŸ–€πŸ–€.

Thats it for my Trend of the week. Have a good day beautiful girls 😍😍.